The Courant Fund for Children invites referrals from professionals and organisations that have direct contact with, or provide services for, individuals or groups of children.

Please complete the form below if you wish to apply for funding for a child or group of children, or if you wish to contact us in relation to any other aspect of our charity.

Please tell us clearly the reason for your application. In the case of an individual child, we require a brief family history (making references to relevant disabilities, or financial, family or health issues), as well as details relating to the amount of money you are applying for and the intended use.

If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, please include a copy of the latest annual report to provide information on the organisation’s circumstances and financial resources. Priority is usually given to individual children or young people with particular needs.

Our charity’s trustees consider applications twice a year, usually in March and September, however urgent applications can be considered in between these times. Please submit your application at least three weeks before the trustees are due to meet.

As The Courant Fund is a small charity, the grants we provide are typically less than £500, so please consider whether this will meet the required need before submitting an application.

All applications are treated in the strictest confidence and we will not share your details with any other organisation.

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